Apr 22, 2009


I can Crawl! Not that "the barrel roll" wasn't getting me places... but frankly I've moved on. I enjoy crawling and finding dust bunnies to eat and I really enjoy using the couch to help pull myself up to a stand, or the crib. Whatever is handiest! The only down side is that I REALLY hate falling, so I kind of get stuck standing up. It's something I'm working on....

Feb 23, 2009


OK.... So it's been awhile. But man things have been happening! Aunt Emy came to visit and i got more cool clothes... and Grandma Bev is teaching Mom how to quilt. Then we went up and visited some friends at their lake cabin in Washington. We've been everywhere it seems like!

I'm also HUGE! Good thing I have a high self esteem, because strangers that come to admire my "god like presence" like to make comments like, "Just look at those chubby little legs," and then Mom or Dad reply "Yeah, she isn't going to waste away," then the stranger will laugh and say, "Well, that's for sure!" So it's a pretty good thing I like to be center of attention or I could be offended.

I went to the Dr. for a check up and he said I'm healthy! At 29.5 inches tall I'm in the 75% for my height. At 19.5 lbs I'm in the 90% for my weight and I'm at the 90th percentile for my head too, so I'm doing good. Although that was a couple weeks ago, so I'm undoubtedly BIGGER now!

I LOVE FOOD! I have now expanded my horizons and have branched out to the world of fruits and vegtables. I also have a sippy cup, which I also love, even though it sometimes frustrates me when i forget i have to actually suck on it to get the juice out instead of just chewing on it. I must say I'm a pretty good eater. I even still eat my peas, when I know there is a lot better choices out there. So far I haven't met a fruit I don't like, and sweet potatoes are my favorite veggie. I am on the look out for anything that tastes good that I can put in my mouth, so things could change...

Jan 13, 2009


No. you don't have to worry... these aren't my only friends.... they're my BEST FRIENDS! Lucky for us we see each other all the time! I see more of Maggie then of Sergent, but that's just because she can always poke her head in to see what's up. Sergent on the other hand has to wait until I'm at his level. So when ever I do get down his way, he tends to get really excited and the parents tend to get mad when he tries to kiss me on he lips... Can't say I really blame them, he does have stinky breath! So here we are... just another day at the house, chilling with my buddies. Practicing my eye gouging with Mag-Pie & kissing with Sergent. Later dudes.

Jan 9, 2009


So Grandma and Grandpa Pownall got me a laptop for christmas and I went right home and got to work just like dad! I tried doing stuff just like dad... I even got the mouse thing down but in the end I think it works best if you just try eating it. Next time try it like this dad!

Dec 30, 2008


Ok, ok... so it's been awhile since Christmas... but Merry Christmas anyway! I enjoyed eating the christmas presents, and underneath all of that tasty paper was noisey toys that light up and talk and even crawl! woo whoo! Aunt Emy and Uncle Kurt couldn't make it so the sent me lots of stuff, I got clothes and sparkeling shoes and carseat toys galore! Cousin Tristan along with Uncle Travis and Aunt Amber sent me some cool clothes and even a new book that goes algong with all my rainforset stuff! That was the first book dad read to me! We went to ALL the family get togethers, Grandma Wood's, Great Grandma Pownall's, Nama & Nampa Smith's and Grandma & Grandpa Pownall's! We are very much in demand. At Great Grandma and Grandpa Smith's, Cousin Alexi put raindeer on my head and mom and nama jumped in the picture. So needless to say I've been pretty busy so I'm just getting around to blogging about it!

Dec 21, 2008


So yeah I already told you guys we got snow, but it hasn't stopped! We've got over a foot of snow and it's here to stay! Maggie has mixed emotions about the snow. She doesn't like to go out in the kennel, but when she stays in the house she's bad and eats her dog bed and the Christmas tree lights... what she DOES seem to like is going out in running like a lunatic in the snow. We even made a play date out of it last night and invited Lou-Dog to come play. They had fun, and I had a good time too. Most of the time I was trying to figure out where the snow comes from, and I'll have to get back to you on that one. Mom and Dad took turns snuggling me inside their jackets since my snow outfit wasn't waterproof. Megan (who came with Ryan and Lou) pointed out that Dad looked pregnant and Mom thought that was pretty funny!

Dec 18, 2008


Grandma Bev was nice enough to come stay with us and even watched me while mom went out yesterday. Once again we played dress up! After she left I got to go to the doctors for my four month check up and I'm doing GREAT! I'm almost 26 inches long, and not quite 16 pounds, with a head circumference of about 16 inches. I'm in the 90th percentile, whatever that means. Basically all i know is that Doc says I'm growing like a weed & next month I get to try solid foods! I didn't let him know that the people at Mom's work already tried to give me a jump-start in that department... Instead of boring baby food I got to try yogurt covered pretzels! YUMMY! I was impressed, Mom says " Thanks a lot Doug.", obviously she was impressed too...